Protecting Women from Sexual Harassment

Claims he'll do more to protect women in the workplace from sexual harassment

Medium, 02/02/2019

Looked the other way from aide's history, assumed aide would “not repeat the behavior” of sexual harassment.

AP, 01/29/2019


Bullock Doesn't Financially Benefit from Brother's Firm

Bullock issued $14M in state grants to his brother's company - a company Bullock himself receives income from.

- Washington Examiner, 08/03/2020

Bullock makes up to 50,000 every year in rent from his brother’s company, Pioneer Technical Services

-Washington Examiner, 08/03/2020

Pioneer Technical Services has been leasing from Bullock since 2004 meaning that he could have received up $800,000 in rent payments.

- Lewis & Clark County Website, Official Records Database

Half a million of Bullock’s net worth is tied to his company that receives payments from Pioneer Technical Service.

- Steve Bullock, Personal Financial Disclosure, Filed 5/3/20)


"While we continue to prioritize the health and safety of Montanans, we know many residents are financially impacted by this crisis and need assistance now.""

- Gov. Steve Bullock, 04/14/2020

"Montana Gov. Steve Bullock's coronavirus task force includes high-value donors, records show"

- Fox News, 06/18/2020

Bullock had only provided them with 13% of the $1.25 billion that Montana had received from the federal government for COVID-19 relief.

-BDC, 08/27/2020

Tax Dollar Abuse

Bullock: “I take my job to be a responsible steward of Montana taxpayer dollars serious.”

Montana Standard, 04/10/2015

Bullock used taxpayer dollars to cover his travel, fundraising, and security detail costs on the campaign trail, including billing Montanans nearly $300,000 for campaign security costs during his run for President.

KURL8, 07/15/2019; BDC, 06/29/2017

On Gun Rights

Bullock has an 'F' rating with the NRA & supports Nancy Pelosi & Chuck Schumer's liberal gun control agenda

-- NRA PVF, 08/07/2020

SUPPORTS Semi-Automatic Ban

-- AP, 08/21/2018

SUPPORTS Universal Background Checks

-- Helena IR, 06/03/2018

"After campaigning against an assault weapons ban and universal background checks during his 2016 reelection, Bullock reversed both positions in the middle of 2018, fueling suspicions that he was preparing for a national campaign."

-- Roll Call, 08/07/2019

Iran Deal

Bullock believes we need to make America more safe

Bullock supports the Iranian nuclear deal that gave $150 billion to the leading state sponsor of terrorism & keeps Iran on the path to obtaining nuclear weapons

USA Today, 11/07/2019

Carbon Tax

Bullock expresses concern with Obama Clean Power plan

Billings Gazette, 08/03/2015

Bullock supports a Carbon Tax that would eliminate thousands of Montana jobs.

Washington Post, 2019

On The Keystone XL Pipeline

“I write to express my strong support for the Keystone XL Pipeline project.”

-- Governor Steve Bullock

“I'm not comfortable with what you've done with Keystone... There's a lot for me before this should go forward.”

-- Governor Steve Bullock
CNN Townhall Debate


Bullock says he'll protect and expand access to health care.


Bullock supports a new government-run health care system - a Public Option - that would threaten employer-provided coverage for millions of Americans and require massive tax increases.

The Washington Post

Prescription Drugs

Bullock: “I took on big drug companies to reduce prices.”

- Steve Bullock, 08/30/2020

Bullock raised nearly $3 million from Big Pharma.

-DGA IRS Form 8872, 2015; Campaign Finance Report, Steve Bullock for Governor, 2012 & 2016

Bullock VETOED a bipartisan bill that would have actually reduced drug costs for Montanans.

-MTN News, 05/09/2019

Dark Money

Bullock says he wants to end corporate spending and dark money in our elections

Great Falls Tribune, 02/22/2015

Bullock raised more than $30 million in corporate cash and dark money.

-NJ and WSJ, 2015; DGA IRS Form 8872, 2015

On Securing The Border

“As a Democrat, I am for border security.”

- KPAX, 08/019/2019

Bullock OPPOSES building the wall.

VETOED bill to ban sanctuary cities in Montana.

MTN News, 05/07/2019


Bullock says he'll win Trump voters

Bullock wants to IMPEACH and REMOVE Trump from office

The Hill, 10/17/2019

Liberal Puppet

"Bullock said he would bring an independent voice to the seat."

- AP, 08/08/2020

"Schumer makes Montana visit to woo Bullock for U.S. Senate"

- MTN News, 02/25/2020

"Schumer tries to get Bullock to run for Senate"

- Great Falls Tribune, 02/25/2020

"Obama urges Bullock to enter Senate race"

- Missoula Current, 02/06/2020

"Bullock meets with Obama as Montana Senate deadline nears"

- Politico, 02/06/2020

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