On Dark Money

“The fight of my career has been dark money.”

-- Governor Bullock

Behind the scenes... Bullock raised nearly $5 million in dark money to spend in our elections.

On Gun Rights

“Bullock will always stand up for the Second Amendment.”

-- Bullock campaign, 10/09/2016

Bullock SUPPORTS Semi-Automatic Ban

SUPPORTS Universal Background Checks

On Securing The Border

“As a Democrat, I am for border security.”

-- Governor Bullock

Bullock OPPOSES building the wall.

VETOED bill to ban sanctuary cities in Montana.

On The Keystone XL Pipeline

“I write to express my strong support for the Keystone XL Pipeline project.”

-- Governor Steve Bullock

“I'm not comfortable with what you've done with Keystone... There's a lot for me before this should go forward.”

-- Governor Steve Bullock
CNN Townhall Debate

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