Bullock says he'll win Trump voters

Bullock wants to IMPEACH and REMOVE Trump from office

The Hill, 10/17/2019

Tax Dollar Abuse

Bullock: “I take my job to be a responsible steward of Montana taxpayer dollars serious.”

Montana Standard, 04/10/2015

Bullock bills Montana taxpayers to cover his travel and security detail on the campaign trail

KURL8, 07/15/2019; BDC, 06/29/2017

On Gun Rights

“Bullock will always stand up for the Second Amendment.”

-- Bullock campaign, 10/09/2016

Bullock SUPPORTS Semi-Automatic Ban

SUPPORTS Universal Background Checks

On Securing The Border

“As a Democrat, I am for border security.”

-- Governor Bullock

Bullock OPPOSES building the wall.

VETOED bill to ban sanctuary cities in Montana.

Iran Deal

Bullock believes we need to make America more safe

Bullock SUPPORTS the Disastrous Iran Deal

USA Today, 11/07/2019

Carbon Tax

Bullock expresses concern with Obama Clean Power plan

Billings Gazette, 08/03/2015

Bullock wants to look at a Carbon Tax

Washington Post, 2019

On The Keystone XL Pipeline

“I write to express my strong support for the Keystone XL Pipeline project.”

-- Governor Steve Bullock

“I'm not comfortable with what you've done with Keystone... There's a lot for me before this should go forward.”

-- Governor Steve Bullock
CNN Townhall Debate

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