Bullock Says He Doesn't Financially Benefit from Brother's Firm


Bullock says his brother left the company before he became Governor.


Bullock issued $14M in state grants to his brother's company - a company Bullock himself receives income from.

- Washington Examiner, 08/03/2020

Bullock makes up to 50,000 every year in rent from his brother’s company, Pioneer Technical Services

-Washington Examiner, 08/03/2020

Pioneer Technical Services has been leasing from Bullock since 2004 meaning that he could have received up $800,000 in rent payments.

- Lewis & Clark County Website, Official Records Database

Half a million of Bullock’s net worth is tied to his company that receives payments from Pioneer Technical Service.

- Steve Bullock, Personal Financial Disclosure, Filed 5/3/20)

As Of March 2020, the Montana Secretary Of State Lists Bullock’s Brother As Chair of the Board.

- Pioneer Technical Services, Montana Secretary Of State, Filed 3/2/20

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